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5D art - art created in the flow of a Single spirit
5D Art Gallery

Computers can recreate any color scheme and composition these days. That is why something that cannot be produced with machines' help is valuable in modern art. Conveying a certain mood, feeling or consciousness state, that mere observation of such a work of art will lead to consciousness transformations and expanding the boundaries while being flooded with feelings and awakening an inner state of happiness and love.
Humanity is now entering a whole new era on this planet – the Age of Feeling Love.
God is Love. By feeling Happiness and Love, we reveal God within ourselves.
5D art is created in the flow of the One Spirit, it conveys both information, moods and feelings from different frequencies, from a variety of worlds and galaxies. Each message has its recipient, according to the its content.
5D art pieces are created without any preconceived ideas concerning the composition and color: everything happens and unfolds directly in the moment of creation and only by looking at the finished (according to the feelings of the author) piece it is possible to see the Truth that fills the work. And everyone will see or feel their own inner truths and feelings by looking at that unprecedented masterpiece.
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